We are obsessed with creating unforgettable experiences, so we make the customer experience measurement easy and juicy.

We help you to extract all the juice, get feedback in every channel and touch points you want. We focus on getting insights that generate action. Through a deep analysis, our tools allows us to understand the needs, desires and feelings that your customers have.

Information means nothing if you don’t do anything with it. Act at the moment, with Limetropy you will have the opportunity to review what your clients are saying in real time.


Stop calling them customers and start calling them co-workers. For us it is not enough to know how was the experience? We go further, helping companies to know what their customers want and assist them co-create it.

Limetropy Co-creation listens to your clients in order to create the future experience. It have never been easier to define new products, services and experiences based on the wishes and needs of your clients. With Limetropy you can understand the needs of the customer in the easiest way possible, reducing the risks and costs of a product development.

We are team players and we firmly believe in the importance of team-based enterprises, so we provide the tools to make it possible. Co-creation is the keyword.

Social Media

Everyone and their mother are in social media. So why don’t use it with your brand? Our technology has the capability of connect with any social media.

Every day customers search your brand online, the opinions of others have a huge impact in the revenues. With Limetropy Social you can monitor, analyze and interact through social media, this will help you to understand what you clients really want and take immediate action.

You won’t lose the opportunity to listen to your clients anymore, now you can make surveys in social media. Every client is different and now you can have a personalized survey for each of them.

We love to share, with Limetropy Social you can invite your fans and happy clients to share their experiences. As simple as that your brand start to have organic promotion.

Incentives & Rewards

Gifts shouldn’t be something that you only give in special occasions.

The use of rewards and incentives are essential for the development of a memorable experience. Limetropy Rewards allows you to get the best of it and create a better relationship with your customers. Limetropy let your “co-workers” (customers) share their full experience in a more meaningful and engaging way.

Limetropy Rewards creates incentives that your people will love. Through our app, your “co-workers” can get notifications of offers and other gifts in the area and claim them just by sharing their experience.

Every customer is unique and has different needs, our technology integrates segmented promotions and campaigns through social media. We love to make customers happy, anywhere and anytime.



We are everywhere. Get the experience of your clients from any device, at anytime and anywhere. If they have something to tell you, you will get it. You can know their story with invitations by email, text message, social media and point of sale.


We know what and how to ask, our surveys are designed to get a true insight of the experience. The surveys are designed in a responsive mode, so they are perfectly suited for any type of screen.


Language: We speak english…官话, español, ру́сский язы́к, português… No matter what your customers speak, we have the solution for you. Klingon you may ask? We got you covered.

Existing Systems

We don´t like to brag, but we get along pretty well with everybody. Limetropy allows to integrate information of diverse sources and already existing systems. Also you can import data from your CRM, ERP, PoS. All the important information for you will be there.

Text Analitics

More than just words, our text analytics extract the juice of your client’s comments. Limetropy will give you greater insights than the sum of their parts. It doesn’t matter if you have unstructured data, semi structured data or social reviews, text analytics will help you take better decisions.

Real Time Alerts

Act at the moment. In a world where we are less patience and more demanding, being at the right time it’s the most important thing. The real time alerts allows you to take action to key customer experience issues by automated and targeted notifications.

Case Management

Keep an eye on it. Everybody knows that in order to have a good reputation, you need to manage complaints and issues properly. We have designed a wonderful tool that simplifies this process.


All the information that you need in one place; each Dashboard is able of monitoring and take actions to improve the experience.


Take us with you, we are not heavy. What your customers are saying at the reach of your pocket through our app.


Just like Rick Astley we are never gonna give you up and we certainly never gonna let you down. Our team of experts are available for you 24/7.


We know how to keep a secret (pinky promise). The information of you clients needs to be protected and we make sure of keep it that way.

Email Marketing

Send what they want to receive. With Limetropy you can send specific promotions and information to your clients according to their profile in social media, we love to be connected.

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