How we do it

Because Limetropy is more than a Customer Experience Management tool!

Listen and collect

We invite the customer to give us feedback about their experience in the point of sale, the attention received and contribute with ideas to improve the service and the value offer.

Measure and analyze

We set up Key Indicators as NPS, satisfaction levels, brand Experience. The results can analyzed by cluster, location, etc… This gives a broad spectrum of what customers really want and their main interests.

Act and improve

Create action plans to improve their Customer Experience and send rewards and gifts as thanks.

Customer Experiences

Ready to discover how Limetropy CEM platform works?

Companies and customers working together for a better experience!
Is that even possible?

Yes it is, and we know how to do it.

Limetropy brings customers closer to your business. Give them a voice. Gather their experience feedback and empower customers to co-create better ideas, products and services. Maybe you should stop calling them just customers and start calling them co-workers.

Limetropy creates an entire intelligence ecosystem around your business. We rock in customer experience. That’s why our technology brings you everything you always asked for. Great experiences live here, and this is how it works:





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