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Customer centricity is the key strategy in Bankia, not only because the customer is the main asset for the bank and the main axis in every situation, but also because is based on a customer relationship model that pivots in the three axes for its positioning: Closeness, Simplicity and Transparency.

Situation Description

Bankia’s main objective is to have a greater bond with its customers by creating a long lasting, satisfactory and trustworthy relationship. How? with a relationship model where the premise is “knowing the customer to talk to him about himself and his world”. The bank must be by the client’s side offering him solutions according to his needs:

“is not that he needs a pension plan, he needs to protect his future in an important time, his retirement, and the solution might be a pension plan or any other savings or investment plan”.

Customers are constantly changing their behavior dynamics which results in new needs. This situation demands to the bank a great listening, analysis and customer service capacity, because each customer is unique as well as his needs. The customer, especially his emotions and requirements, are the focus in this new banking model. To achieve this, Bankia decided to rely on Limetropy’s technology.

How did we help?

Limetropy’s team used its talent and technological capacities to develop, along with Bankia, a tool to improve its capacity to identify, measure, compare and evaluate the customer experience results, while monitoring effectively the improvements towards the objective.

This technology has 4 main tools that allow to optimize the relationship with the customer:

and improvement


Social media

and rewards

During the project, Limetropy worked side by side with Bankia in the technology implementation and in the change management process for every customer segment.


Positive results were achieved, improving significantly
the customer experience model and the stablished process.