Limetropy are delighted to partner with Inaccord, a customer and employee experience consultancy who work with organisations to create high performance cultures that deliver outstanding results. With over 30 years’ experience in Financial Services sector, they are the perfect partner to bring the customer into the heart of your business.

Inaccord focus on customer experience as a driver of overall business performance. They work with organisations to improve customer experiences, thereby driving;

  • Increased customer satisfaction and longer relationships
  • Reducing complaint volumes
  • More repeat and cross sales
  • More recommendations and referrals
  • Increased income and reduced costs

Inaccord have worked with major UK Banks and Buildings societies, Utility Companies, Public Sector and Charitable Organisations to deliver culture change and performance improvement programmes including employee engagement and customer experience.

The partnership with Limetropy will allow Inaccord to deliver voice of the customer as a business performance metric into the heart of organisations they work with and empower employees to take action to remedy issues in the moment.

To find out more about how Limetropy and Inaccord can collect feedback from your customers and help create a high-performance culture, get in touch to arrange a meeting.

Or visit for more information.

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