Does your Customer Feedback do this? – 5 things that mature Voice of the Customer programmes do well

Not all voice of the customer (VoC) programmes are created equal. You're asking for your customers' feedback, but are you making the most of it? Here are 5 things that mature VoC programmes do well. Collect However your customer chooses to interact with you, they should be able to give feedback. And if you don't [...]

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Adjusting your VOC for Coronavirus

All bets are off. Coronavirus has created a situation in which customer experiences have been turned on their heads. Broadly, the definition of a good customer experience is one that meets the customers' expectations. Usually these expectations are set by a variety of sources, Matt Watkinson wrote about expectations, some of which are under the control [...]

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Limetropy Announces Partnership with Jericho

Limetropy UK are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Jericho, a customer experience consultancy who help their clients reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value by ensuring that both customers and employee have a world class experience. With over 20 years in customer experience, they are the perfect partner to transform your organisation. Find [...]

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