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Our Customer Experience Management Tool is the smartest and most powerful solution for companies who care for their relationships.

Uncover CX insights and opportunities

Receive feedback, trigger alerts, analyze results and more in a smart choice tool. Limetropy’s reporting and dashboard suite will help you uncover valuables insights, discover business opportunities and identify critical gaps from your clients across every interaction points process.

Valuable feedback in real-time

Stay your departments and staff notified at all times and anywhere by accessing Limetropy. The suit is compatible with mobile or desktop devices and data is in the cloud storage.

Benefits and key features

  • We take care of configuring the tool, so that you focus on improving the management with your partners.

  • Deliver and collect information from all your key departments, and integrate with other sources and tools; import data from your CRM, ERP or PoS.

  • Specialized reports on your sector designed and implemented by our experts on CX and sales systems.

  • We advise you with best practices and cutting-edge assessment models.

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