The 6 captains of the CXWG LATAM accompanied by the incredible Eva Guerrero, CEO of CXGo and voice of the CXWG LATAM 2021.

185 players. 14 countries. 6 captains. 3 challenges…. and we all won!

It has been a great experience. The Customer Eperience World Games LATAM 2021 hosted by Limetropy in collaboration with CX GO.

The Customer Experience World Games LATAM were a resounding success.

“Incredible experience, we took away a lot of learning, camaraderie and satisfaction of being able to help doing what we like the most: Improving people’s experience! They were intense weeks with a team of great professionals! #S.O.Scx”.

Noelia Lara Mansilla, Captain of

The beginning

More than 180 players registered, from 14 different countries in Latin America.

6 great and extraordinary references of the world of CX in Latin America were chosen to be captains.

The teams were the following:

  • CX POWERS with the amazing Cecila Hugony
  • CX LOVERS led by Daniel Toro
  • Rowers captained by the magnificent Sebastien Muner
  • Experienciadores with the fascinating Yami Almaguer
  • SOSCX always accompanied by Noelia Lara Mansilla
  • Ubuntu with the fabulous Daniel Cedeño

“It is fascinating what we are achieving together: participants, captains, Somos CX GOy Limetropy during these #CXWG2021 in Latin America.”

Jesús Patíño, from the CXWG LATAM Organising Committee and member of CXGO

Mexico Challenge: Supporting a small business.

The first challenge was posed by the company LO RECIBES,a Mexican company dedicated to express parcel delivery.

“Lo Recibes” offers deliveries by bicycle, motorbike, car and wagon, which allows optimising deliveries in time, has a transport fleet and sufficient staff for the orders that are requested nowadays.

The challenge posed to the teams was:

What strategies, service design and experiences would you implement for “Lo Recibes” to achieve differentiation and boost the local economy?

It was an arduous week of work, in which the teams made extraordinary proposals for LO RECIBES to improve the experience. The winning team of this first challenge was S.O.Scx.

“Excellent experience! Each challenge we overcome more and more… how nice to have contributed to the growth of all the ambassadors. Thanks to our captains for the support!”
María Cecilia Carrizo, CXWG LATAM player

Dominican Republic Challenge: Patient Experience

After an intense week of work, we moved to the Dominican Republic. And it was posed by the company Análisis EX. Análisis EX is a company dedicated to providing pathology analysis services to doctors who take samples in surgeries or in clinics directly.

The challenge posed to the incredible participants was:

How can you improve the experience of doctors and enable them to enjoy the benefits of digital services?

Tremendous challenges and great impact! Our ambassadors won, and we won all the learning. Thanks for the opportunity Limetropy and Somos CX GO! Nice to meet all my team, thanks for sharing so much!
Greyssi Sobero, CXWG LATAM player

Reto Colombia: The challenge that moved our hearts. 

It is a challenge that seeks to support a non-governmental organisation that is dedicated to the care of the elderly in areas near Medellin, Colombia. It is the “Fundación en Buenas Manos: A Home for the Elderly”.

How can the experience of the elderly be improved in order to project the work done in the foundation and thus raise more donations (from third parties, not from the government)?

An amazing experience, helping organisations and generating a positive impact to society 💪 . Great closing of the CXWG 2021! 👏 👏 […] Great organisation We are CX GO and Limetropy 🚀 Happy to be part of this nice initiative!

Sebastien Muner, Captain of Rowers at the CXWG LATAM

The winner of this challenge was the team: UBUNTU.

The Customer Experience World Games LATAM 2021 champion team

After 3 great challenges, and adding up the scores, the jury determined that the winner of the Latin American edition was the UBUNTU team. Congratulations team!

A wonderful experience! I think we all won, having contributed our grain of sand will build a great mountain of wonderful things. Lucky to have met such nice people, each challenge brought us closer and closer and without realizing it we transcended our limits. Thanks Limetropy and Somos CX GO for giving us this great opportunity to contribute and improve 👏👏👏👏

Maria Alejandra Lopez, CXWG LATAM Player

The Judges

The LATAM edition had an incredible jury:

-Adrían Herrera
– Araceli Meza
-Patricia Guttman
-Christopher Brooks.

We would also like to thank them for their great effort in reviewing all the entries submitted by the teams, rating them, evaluating them and giving feedback to each one of them with their pain points and their successes.


A picture of one of the judging sessions, featuring Patricia Guttman, Araceli Meza and Adrían Herrera, accompanied by Rodrigo Perea and Jesús Patíño, on behalf of the CXWG LATAM organising committee.

What’s next? CXWG ambassadors!

Wait for it… will announce incrédible actions!