Q&A about the Customer Experience World Games

What language will the CXWG be held in?

The language is English, as it is the common language among the players from more than 130 countries who will participate in the event.

Is there a fee?

No, it is a free event, but with limited space.

What activities will I have as a player?

You will be part of a team, whose captain will agree with its members to meet and work on the challenges that are posed.

How will I meet with my team?

Free format. You will be able to meet through the application that is most convenient for your team. You will agree with the captain.

What is the Spirit of the Games? 

It states that there should be no prospecting and negotiation within the players, captains and judges during the Games. We are at the event on a voluntary basis with the idea of support.

Can I talk business at the CXWG Latam?

No, it is stated in the Spirit of the Games.

How will I know who my captain and team is?

One before the start of the games. You will be sent an email with your captain and team members.

What prizes will be given to the winner?

We will give a digital recognition and mention in our social networks.

What is the schedule I have to keep?

We have reference that in the 2020 edition, we had an approximate of 2 hours per challenge per participant per week, divided into schedules that the competitor accommodates. It will depend on your organisation and scheduling with your team and captain.

Who will decide the winner of the challenges?

A team of expert CX judges, based on a scorecard. You will receive feedback on each of the challenges.

What are the deliverables?

Based on a proven methodology, we will deliver deliverables, which will be explained by your captain.

Can I be with my acquaintances in my team?

No. The team allocation will be done randomly by the event organisers.

Can I have more time for the final delivery?

No. One week will be given for the submission of the proposed solutions for the current challenge.

Can I add more ideas to the challenge?

Yes, you can contribute as many ideas as you consider necessary and feasible for those hosting the challenge.

How will I communicate with my captain? It will be through the medium of your choice that suits you best: Whatsapp, Email, Telegram or some other platform.

When will it take place?

The opening ceremony is on 24 May 2021.

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