At Limetropy, we love a challenge. It’s what has helped our clients ensure they are getting the voice of the customer heard throughout lockdown, leading to better judgements and keeping aligned to the changing customer expectations and needs Covid-19 has created.

Our latest challenge takes us back to one of our favourite endeavours away from helping clients optimise their customer’s voice in the business, and that’s the Customer Experience World Games. Specifically, we have a new challenge for all our players. Typically we play in teams, but this is an individual game play. Although we will accept team entries (we know how much the Hedonists still hang out).

It’s been posed by Prof Dr Phil Klaus, International University of Monaco, and the CXWG2o head judge.

The challenge: Attached is an academic white paper ‘TCF’ which has been produced by several professors reviewing hundreds of articles on CX and interpretting a new model for customer experience. But that is the problem, its an academic model. What they are looking for is CX practitioners, professionals or even just those with a passion to take the work and evolve it in to a business framework for CX. Thereby proving the thoery is actioanble at a company level.

We are very flexible on the format you choose to respond on this one. It can be a written report, development of CX models, competency framework or any other way you wish to demonstrate how it can work.

The entries will be judged on 3 criteria:

1) their understanding of the academic models advancement from current CX thinking,

2) the demonstration of its conversion into a practical business model, and

3) the completeness of presentation to share with a CX Lead audience.

Deadline is: 19th October 2021

Download your copy and we wish you the best of luck!

TCQ Research Doc