Challenge 3 at the Customer Experience World Games centered on Charlie’s Cat Cafe which was closed during lockdown. It was voted the favourute challenge by the players at the closing ceremony. 6 entries with over 60 ideas presented. The judges were impressed with the content and the passion put into the entries. A commitement which one of the teams decided they wanted to take further.

The Hedonists, who had been awarded a podium finish for their Cat Cafe entry decided they had even more goodness in them to squeeze out. Working as a team between the challenges, they have taken all the ideas from each team and combined them to create the ultimate ‘playbook’ for Pet Cafes. A helpful guide for independent leisure retailers to grwo their way out of a crisis.

The book contains an array of ideas PLUS each section also has a ‘how to…’ guide. This is where the experience and expertise of the contributors to both the challenges and those editing the playbook comes in. We recognised that big ideas and platitudes are of little use to those needing business advice. So the focus for the guide is on specific ideas for this audience and direction on how to deliver them.

In addition, the book contains several easy to use models which help pet cafe owners identify how to better understand their customers and prioritise improvements for them based on their capabilities and resources.

CXWG Founder Christopher Brooks said of the playbook, ‘I’m blown away by the efforts of this talented group. They have volunteered their time to create an incredibly useful resource for the independent traders. The quality and specificity makes this such a meaningful contribution. I am grateful that the games attracted the sort of special people who want to make a difference and know how to do it. Awesome.

A big thanks goes to Sarah Turner of the Hednosists who produced the final book and to Heidi Stone who captained the Hedonsists throughout. Special mentions also Hedonists Morris Pentel, Zoltan Kalmar and
Anshul Bahl who helped bring the book to life.

The spirit of the games asked players to dig deep, share their talents to arrive at amazng outcomes. Never could we have imagined this is where it would take them.

If you know someone with a pet cafe, please send them this complimentary guide inspired by the Limetropy sponsored World Games.

Click the link for your Pet Cafe Playbook